Toho シネマズ 日比谷 スクリーン 12。 TOHOシネマズ 日比谷 / TOHOシネマズ シャンテ:上映スケジュール


😉You get an UFO if you destroy an enemy that has a sign above it's head. Touhou 12 introduces only one new mechanic, and that is the UFOs. About colors of UFOs, we'll cover that in a bit. Each character has two shot types available. They can get rich or find the ones behind it and stop them. Some change colors, some don't. Shooting it down gives you a bomb piece and a small Green UFO. Shooting it down gives you a small Blue UFO. In Touhou 12, you're able to play as Reimu, Marisa and now with Sanae. Shooting it down gives you a small Red UFO and a life piece. And either way, it's a win-win. There's a funny ship flying in the sky, and it's got treasure. If you collect 3 UFOs of the same color in a row, you get a prize for it, summoning a large UFO that sucks all items on screen.。


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