Ark キング タイタン。 繰り返す悪夢!免れない大惨事【エクスティンクション その47 ベリーイージーモード ベータキングタイタン】


😊It's not about the game crashing or getting unstable, it's that king titan is hooked up in a really bizarre way and the only way I could make him rideable was by directly overwriting the existing one which is poor modding form. If you want to talk to him join his discord server. If someone have something that could be interesting, please tell me, I have some RP project I want to do with but with a completely random attacking "tamed" King Titan, it's just almost impossible XD Thanks :P PS: For those that look to spawn King Titan on other maps: Originally posted by :I think the reason why there isnt a mod that let's you ride the King Titan might be because that creature has it's own rules that could crash the game i dunno I tried making him rideable ages ago, these were all my struggles. There you can suggest al things you want :. Also it made another mod called kaitan,which also adds some sort of king titan. Yeah see this one Jud thanks and that what I use but the boss is.。





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