Pulse Neutralization Circuit, a circuit designed to absorb a circuit pulse (or process) in certain circumstances. PNCs are sometimes used as part of a startup circuit to initialize an Nv net to assure it is supporting one and only one process at any given time. The first startup circuit designs were manual, and so required human intervention and some degree of timing, to initialize the given Nv net; these PNCs were often implemented with a Nu neuron. More modern circuits use various automatic startup circuits to initialize the Nv net without assistance at power-up.

Note that Nus are not the same thing as PNCs, and PNCs are not the same thing as startup circuits. While manual startup circuits often incorporate a PNC, not all PNCs are in startup circuits. Meanwhile, although Nu neurons are generally used to provide PNC functionality, Nus are not necessarily PNCs, and PNCs are not always implemented via Nus.

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