Nv network, Nv net

A ring or network of Nv neurons, often called "Nervous networks". The original concept was patented by Mark Tilden under the acronym VSPANS. Non-branched (loop, or ring network) Nv nets are often described as "cores," with a numeric prefix denoting the number of neurons in their loop -- Bicore, Tricore, Quadcore (the most common form), Quincore, Hexcore, Septcore, Octacore, etc.

From our founder: "A real-time nonlinear analog control system emulating a low-level peripheral spinal system. Based on arrays of sequential RC (Resistor-Capacitor)-time-based pulse delay circuits in closed loops, an Nv net is any circuitry that can act as a media for sustaining independent control 'processes.'" -- Mark W. Tilden.

For more information on Nv neurons, Nv networks, and their uses, consult the BEAM From the Ground Up pages on Nv nets.

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