A quadcore circuit, with any peripheral circuitry. From personal correspondence with Mark Tilden:

"The intent of the term 'microcore' is to describe a fully dressed quadcore , or any permutation of a loop of four coupled [ Nv ] neurons . The microcore is special as it's the smallest Nv structure that can support three unambiguous process states; zero, a mutually-exclusive refractable process wave, and a symmetric resonance pair, which are retained regardless of biasing (except at the extremes where process es are created or destroyed).

"Permutations of the microcore are vast but not infinite, and as it fits nicely into the classic 7404 package, leaves two inverter s open for use as buffers , filters, relaxation oscillators, debounce, Nu s, or Nv s. These are just a convenience though, and are not part of the 'official' microcore which is just the quadcore , motors and sensors."

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