Junction Field Effect Transistor

A semiconductor device that operates by altering the conductivity of a region of the semiconductor (the channel) between two contacts (source and drain) by application of a voltage to a third terminal (gate). The current flow between source and drain is controlled by the gate voltage. In a JFET device, the gate voltage is applied to the channel across a P-N junction, in contrast to its application across an insulator in a conventional MOSFET. JFETs are of both P-channel and N-channel types.

N-channel JFET symbol

P-channel JFET symbol
Schematic symbol for an N-channel JFET

Schematic symbol for a P-channel JFET

Structure of an N-channel JFET

See also FET, MOSFET. Meanwhile, AMS has a good JFET tutorial page here.

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